Saturday, May 7, 2016

just arrived in Paris. Got the most expensive cup of mint tea: $6.50. I wanted to use the wifi at Starbucks.
the airport here is so chaotic and haphazard. a huge maze, and I had to take 3 buses in the aiport to get to my gate, three customs to have my passport checked and rechecked...all the security here and selling. part of the maze is the high end stores: perfume, gucci, liquor. Most of the stores cater for Chinese tourists, who have so much money they buy Gucci and Louis Vuitton in carts.

Hungry but spent my money on transporting the flags (already cost me more than $300). I tried to carry half of the flags in my bagpack (it weighs over 50 pounds), but got caught at Bologna airport. It would have cost me another $200, but I begged them, and Guy Lydster told me I was a poet from Shanghai and America, and they let me check the second bag for free! Meanwhile, I lost my bag, so I'm carrying my camera, purse, hat, gloves, thermos, and everything else in my arms, around my waist, waitress skill from NYC came in handy! hahaha

Fortunately the flight tonight will serve me food, though they didn't serve anything yesterday. I got lucky! chaotic but warm, that's European style.  I like it!

food on air France is quite good. I hope the next flight will be good too.

at least the wifi in European airports is free, unlike America!

Next stops are Abu Dhabi, Kathmandu. I hope the hotel will pick me up in Nepal!

Ciao for now, my friends. The gate is calling my name to verify my route and passport.
I feel very safe!

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