Sunday, May 8, 2016

Abu Dhabi

Spent over 40 hours in airports, from Bologna to Paris to Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu. Lots of ups and downs, bread, sweets, airplane food and friends. The most friendly airport is Abu Dhabi (also the biggest). It has a lovely library with comfortable chairs and couches and sunlight. Never saw anything like that. Wow! Who still reads these days! I made a friend from Oman, Yusef, who works at the transfer desk. He told me I must visit his home someday, beautiful beach, turtles, fish...his parents live there. He loves kungfu, got excited when he heard I have martial art training and almost jumped out of his desk to spar with me.
As for the air food, the prize goes to Etihad airline, great service, tasty food, and clean toilets. The flight attendants all look like Miss Universe, stately, tall, blond...taller than the men. It feels like I was being served with beauty pageants and women's basketball team. When they towered over me, I buckled up without a protest. haha.

From the air, the country is all sand, no water, except for the sea. the plain reminds me of the Mid west prairie. How did it all become sand? I know it used to be green, fertile...would this also be the fate of Minnesota?

I took a few shots from the air, and what I saw took my breath away.

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